How to Connect With the Cosmic Divine

You can connect with someone or something only when you are of that same wavelength which means that you can connect with The Cosmic Divine only when you are of the same wavelength as that of The Cosmic Divine.

Only the Atman in you is of the same wavelength as that of The Cosmic Divine. So when you get connected to the Atman, then you are connected to The Cosmic Divine.

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SPIRITUALITY IS UNIVERSAL BUT RELIGION IS NOT. Have written and published a book “I Am That”. A small book consisting of just 25 pages. It is Vedanta simplified. Though the book is brief, it has enough to get one started or put one on to the right track of Spirituality.  

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Awakening the Kundalini Energy

Can the Kundalini Energy or Shakti be awakened through one`s will? NO. The Kundalini Energy CANNOT be awakened through one`s will. It can be awakened ONLY by the WILL OF THE ATMAN.  It cannot be awakened by any physical or mental intervention. It definitely cannot be awakened through any sexual practices or sexual stimulation or TANTRA […]

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Why Fear Meditation

The word meditation sparks fear in many people. Why? When people say that meditation takes one into a thoughtless state or a no-mind state or a still mind state, it stirs fear in some because physically we associate whatever we are, to our mind. The mind gives one, one`s identity.  ONE is whatever the mind is.  […]

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